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Coastal Management Australia a quick introduction


Cliff & Wave Formations

Coral Reefs
Sandy Beaches
Development on Urban Coastlines
Games & Activities
  • Netcoast combines learning about coastal management with a game theme (An EU funded project) from the Netherlands.
  • Surveying Southern Shores - a Victorian based activity

General ResourcesAustralian
Australian Federal Government - Coastal Catchments Initiative
CRC - Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management
Environment Australia's Coastcare Index
Marine Life Society of South Australia
Sea Grass information Australian Marine Conservation Society - Kangaroo Island Branch
South Australian Government Coasts & Marine Website

Coastal landscapes and processes (from the BBC)

Coastal Geography Revision Notes

  1. Beach Materials (1.6 Pages)
  2. Changes in Sea Level (2.5 Pages)
  3. Coastal Deposition (3.3 Pages)
  4. Coastal Erosion (1.8 Pages)
  5. Coastal Erosion Landforms (1.8 Pages)
  6. Coastal Transportation (1.6 Pages)
  7. Erosion Landforms (1.1 Pages)