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Apps for learning external image smth_new.png
Great iPad and iPhone apps for secondary school
by Tania Sheko68 Views | +1

img_iPad Resources
img_iPad Resources

iPad Resources external image smth_new.png
Find the right apps and resources for using the idpad in your classroom.
by Linda Nitsche15 Views | +1

img_Real-Time News Curation
img_Real-Time News Curation

Real-Time News Curation external image smth_new.png
Understanding the Emerging Real-Time News Curation Universe
by RobinGood48.7K Views | +71

img_School Library
img_School Library

School Library external image smth_new.png
Whether you call yourself a School Library, Information Commons, Media Center, Information Hub or something else, this is the place for everything for school information dissemination.
by Jason Epstein272 Views | +1

img_School Library Advocacy
img_School Library Advocacy

School Library Advocacy external image smth_new.png
Promoting school libraries, programs and teacher librarians/library media specialists.
by Karen Bonanno143 Views | +17

img_Social Networking for Information Professionals
img_Social Networking for Information Professionals

Social Networking for Information Professionals external image smth_new.png
Social networking and participatory library services
by Judy O'Connell2.2K Views | +22

img_The iPad Classroom
img_The iPad Classroom

The iPad Classroom external image smth_new.png
Following the iPad's emergence in the elementary classroom
by Dave Brown12.2K Views | +120
img_Web Content & Digital Curation
img_Web Content & Digital Curation

Web Content & Digital Curation external image smth_new.png
Curation is a hot trend, some say it can change the Web
by gdecugis15.3K Views | +8

img_Weird and wonderful
img_Weird and wonderful

Weird and wonderful external image smth_new.png
Unusual news and kooky sites for librarians and book lovers
by Jean Anning87 Views

img_World of Social Media
img_World of Social Media

World of Social Media
Worldwide Social Media Innovations and Changes
by FrancisPisani673 Views | +9