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//Microeconomics// Definition

Microeconomics - Definition of Microeconomics on Investopedia - The branch of economics that analyzes the market behavior of individual consumers and firms ...
What Is //Microeconomics//?
Article for economics-lrg.jpganswers the question: What Is Microeconomics?

//Microeconomics// Student Resource Center

This page contains links to the articles and links pages hosted on Economics at Most of the major topics in microeconomics have at least one ...
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**Microeconomics** **Article**, Browse **Microeconomics** **Article** Categories on ...

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//MICROECONOMICS// | //Dictionary// of Small Business

ENTER A TERM OR WORD TO SEARCH FOR: Use Asterisk (*) as a Wild Card ... MICROECONOMICS. The study of the individual segments of an economy, ...
//Glossary of Economics Terms// / Economics DictionaryIs there an economics related term that you're unsure of the meaning of? Look it up in our economics glossary! We've got almost a thousand different ...

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Current Economics Short videos from the Khan Academy

Discussions of economic topics and how they relate to current events.
  1. Economics of a Cupcake Factory
  2. Cupcake Economics 2
  3. Cupcake Economics 3
  4. Inflation, Deflation & Capacity Utilization
  5. Inflation, Deflation & Capacity Utilization 2
  6. Inflation & Deflation 3: Obama Stimulus Plan
  7. Unemployment
  8. CPI Index
  9. Simple Analysis of Cost per Job Saved from Stimulus
  10. Unemployment Rate Primer
  11. Floating Exchange Resolving Trade Imbalance
  12. China Pegs to Dollar to Keep Trade Imbalance
  13. China buys US Bonds
  14. Review of China US currency situation
  15. Data on Chinese M1 Increase in 2010
  16. Data on Chinese Foreign Assets Increase in 2010
  17. Data on Chinese US Balance of Payments
  18. Chinese inflation
  19. Floating Exchange Effect on China
  20. Floating Exchange Effect on US

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