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Alan Selby's "Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and Reason"
Game Theory Lecture Notes
The Fractory
Sierpinski Gasket
Maths Olympiad Learning Centre
Eric Weissteins World Of Mathematics (mathworld)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
NRICH Mathematics - monthly maths quiz and more
Alice Mae Guckin, Ph.D - Mathematics Site
Computing Technology for Math Excellence mathematics (K-12 and calculus)
GCSE Maths Tutorials, Problems and Exam Questions
efg's computer lab Includes fractal pages and more on the sierpinski gasket
Am I in Pi ?
Fine Structure Constant, alpha
Game Theory .net
A slice of Pi Ever wondered about Pi, well find out.
WWW Maths Virtual Library World climate statistics.
UK Mathematics Trust Website
A Dictionary of Units of Measurement
100 Great Mathematicians (a work in progress by Les Bill Gates)

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Useful links from the Maths Centre

You may find these links to other web-based resources useful:
mathtutor video tutorials, with diagnostics, summary text and exercises, take you through more than eighty topics in the way you choose.
Formulae Handbook including engineering formulae, mathematics, statistics and computer algebra originally designed to provide engineering students at Aberdeen College with the formulae required for their courses up to Higher National level (2nd year university equivalent) and edited by Peter Nicol. It is released under Creative Commons licence and contributions are welcomed.
Bite-size History of Mathematics Free pdfs and accompanying podcasts by Noel-Ann Bradshaw, Tony Mann and Mark McCartney, which aim to give students some of the history which lies behind a selection of the famous names and equations in mathematics.
Mathematics for Engineers Mathematics for Engineers Made Easy - an invaluable record of mathematical notes which have proved useful to retired engineer John Pooler and which he has kindly made available to anyone who might find them useful.
The University of Texas - Physics & Mechanics Resources Some very helpful resources on mechanics and physics related topics generously provided courtesy of Richard Fitzpatrick, Professor of Physics at The University of Texas at Austin.
THE METAL PROJECT: Mathematics Resources for Students of Economics METAL (Mathematics for Economics: enhancing Teaching and Learning) provides lecturers and students with a selection of free learning resources designed to engage Level 1 students more fully and enthusiastically in mathematics for economics.
Learn Higher - Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Offers support to students who are struggling with the mathematical and statistical components of their degree programme. It includes links to many other resources.
Passing Calculations Tests for Nursing Students - This book authored by Susan Stakings and Larry Krause, South Bank University, helps new nursing students succeed first time in medicines calculations tests through clear step-by-step explanations and lively examples.
Brunel University - Study Skills Online A student study guide containing useful tips for surviving your time at university.
Print Free Graph Paper - download and print PDF files for various different types of graph paper.
Incompetech - Free Online Graph Paper - This site provides downloadable PDF graph paper in configuarble sizes and colours as well as dotted-paper in square, triangle and hexagonal layouts.
BOOKBOON.COM Offers free downloadable textbooks for students in a variety of topic areas including mathematics and statistics.

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